Sinsemilla Seminar - Tincture Making

NIC is dedicated to creating, understanding, protecting, and the sharing of information; and developing a community of educated citizens that can apply their knowledge to the reemerging cannabis environment.

Cannabis tinctures have been around for hundreds of years. This two hour seminar will teach you how to make a tincture that works best for you! We will discuss the importance of picking strains and adding other organic herbs to get optimal results in making this one of a kind tincture. Cannabis tinctures can help alleviate head aches, body pain and many other aliments! 

High Light Of Topics Covered:

* Laws in New England
* How to obtain cannabis safely
* Understanding strains ( cannabinoids, flavinoids and terpenes )
* Brief overview of the endocannabinoid system how tinctures work with our cannabinoid receptors
* How to make tinctures with vegetable glycerin or alcohol 
* Decarboxylating your medicine (time and temperatures)
* Using other organic holistic herbs
* Homeopathic remedies and aromatherapy
* The importance of testing, packaging and storage
* Sublingual use and adding tinctures to meals and drinks 
* Dosing and self tritration 
Join us Thursday May 25th from 6:30pm to 8:30pm.

Tickets can be purchased on eventbrite, NIC campus (10 Tech Circle Natick MA), via phone (508-655-7420), or at the door. 
General Admission is $65
NIC Student Discount is $50
Veterans Discount is $50
There are a limited number of seats, please plan accordingly.

Instructors will be Ellen Brown and Jennifer Grue of Muffins Apothecary! 

Ellen Brown:
She started her cannabis career after serving in the United States Air Force. During her service she had many achievements most notable Air Combat Command - nutritional medicine airman of the year. After the military her journey took her to Humboldt County and then to Redding California where she managed the dispensary Nature’s Nexus for a number of years. Her extensive cannabis knowledge and firsthand experience in the industry has put her in a unique position to teach.

In the last decade Ellen Brown has taught thousands of students, patients and caregivers from all over the country in large classroom settings to freelance consulting in the marijuana industry. She has spent her career using her knowledge to inspire others to become their own best advocates. She holds seminars on cooking with cannabis, cultivation and best practices. Ellen has become a prominent cannabis activist. She has spoken all over the world from the Boston Freedom Rally to High Times Jamaica Cannabis Cup.

Jennifer Grue:
Jen is an all natural herbalist who has focused over 1000 hours to herbal medicine while working to complete her Bachelors degree in Sustainable Food and Farming from UMass, Amherst. Jennifer runs a budding new herbal medicine business called Muffins Apothecary and uses locally sourced herbs for health and wellness; every item she produces is made from fresh plants and herbs that she thoroughly researches to make sure her products are of the finest quality. Jennifer is also level two Reiki attuned and has certain crystals she uses to charge all her products with a bonus boost of healing energy. Along with having competent and thorough knowledge of herbs she has done many hours of research to know which herbs and recipes work to heal many of the problems the human body encounters. Issues including depression, anxiety, weakened immune system, and more are remedied with patience and care necessary to get to know every customer and what will help them best.