The state of NIC

NIC is dedicated to creating, understanding, protecting, and the sharing of information; and developing a community of educated citizens that can apply their knowledge to the reemerging cannabis environment.

State of the NIC

NIC was no more than a great idea in 2013, by summer of 2014 it had a home and staff was being hired, early 2015 was organized chaos as we all sorted out what we were doing. By late 2015 major changes had been made and we had found our rhythm, by mid 2016 we were looking at plans for the next steps and going into 2017 we should be implementing those next steps to expand the company. This has truly been an experience. We have had our ups and downs, our wins and our fails. After being open for more than two full years now there are a few things we would like to brag about.

We have participated in five (soon to be six) New England Cannabis Conventions, three Boston Freedom Rallies, two Extravaganjas, two Boston Pride Festivals. We’ve hosted seven graduations, nearly 100 open houses and at least three non-profit special events and 10 special seminars. We’ve graduated over 200 students, most of whom are working with cannabis or adapting their careers to the cannabis industry.

Our graduates are working in entry level positions across the spectrum of departments in the dispensaries, as well as managing various departments in patients services, production and cultivation facilities, in testing labs. They are consulting as well as establishing themselves as prominent activists within New England and across the country. It is absolutely incredible what they have accomplished in just two years.

Thank you to our first few classes of students who truly believed in what NIC could become and who remained patient with us as we made mistakes and learned many lessons. Thank you to all the instructors that have stuck by our side as we have grown and changed. Thank you to all the staff we have had in the past two years from owners and managers to interns! Thank you to all our industry friends who have helped us get this far supporting us by hiring our grads and working on various project together.

One of the best parts of being with NIC is when we get a phone call from a student to let us know they just got a canna-job. Knowing that the student was able to take the education that we provide and turn it into the beginnings of a career in a new industry. Nearly all the NIC staff are working in the cannabis industry for the first time, and most our faculty also work in the cannabis industry full time. The mission of NIC goes beyond providing the best education to students, but also staffing this industry, ensuring that patients and consumers have the best possible experience with the cannabis industry.

It is fall of 2016 and we are only 20-some days away from asking Massachusetts voters to legalize marijuana for adult use. The expansion of this industry is necessary for our grads to grow their careers, it will encourage more promotions as the existing companies continue to grow. When we have passed Question 4 and we are looking at a massive expansion of the cannabis market NIC will continue to expand our educational offerings and develop more detailed classes in specific areas of academic interest.


See you in class!

Cara Crabb-Burnham – Dean of Faculty