NIC Graduates are taking the industry by storm

NIC is dedicated to creating, understanding, protecting, and the sharing of information; and developing a community of educated citizens that can apply their knowledge to the reemerging cannabis environment.

 At the Institute we are pretty proud of our graduates! Not only did they take their first steps starting a new career, but they have also taken all the opportunities that the school can provide. Many grads are starting in entry-level positions at various cannabis businesses including dispensaries, grow supply stores, recommending doctor’s offices, and testing labs. There are also grads that have been promoted to management level positions in dispensaries and are applying for their own licenses. Some grads are employed in various dispensary departments as well, including the kitchen, extractions, patient services, cultivating and harvest, or starting their own businesses.

One of our graduates started working as a trimmer a few months after graduation. She had been a hair stylist before she came to NIC, and always dreamed of working in the cannabis industry. She saw the potential for the industry and decided to take a leap into a new career. Her background in hair gave her a leg up when applying for a trimming position. After her interview she was offered a position in trim or a position in the dispensary, she opted for trim. After only a few months she began training new staff and was given a leadership position in the trim room. Before much longer she was leading the trim department and is now leading the entire harvest department. She had been living with family and is now happily in her own apartment with her boyfriend and her cat. She has not only grown as a person but also as a professional with no signs of slowing down.

Another graduate was hired at a dispensary but it turned out not to be the right fit. He took some time to think about what he wanted to do and decided that it was time to start teaching what he knows. He had prepared presentations about cooking with cannabis and making other infused products before he landed a consulting job for a grow supply store. Now he is not only able educate his clients but he helps them design grow spaces in their home so they can grow their own medicine.

Another graduate from our first class of students in 2014 is now a manager for a dispensary. She was one of the first people hired at one of the very first dispensaries to open in Mass and has since become a manager in their patient services department. She leads her team every day serving patients and helping sick people get the medicine they need. She works to create an inviting a professional space where patients feel comfortable talking about their needs and learning how to use cannabis in new and different ways.

We really are proud of our grads who have worked hard to be successful and we proud to continue to help more students thrive in new careers. We may have only been open for less than two years but we now have grads working in every Massachusetts dispensary in a variety of positions, they are working for auxiliary businesses, and they have joined all the cannabis activism groups in the state. They aren’t stopping and the alumni network is growing monthly. Congratulations to all of them and good luck with their growth.