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Cara is formerly the President of the Massachusetts Cannabis Reform Coalition and has been a director for four years. As a director she has been the speaker and volunteer coordinator for the Boston Freedom Rally, organized several events and raised thousands of dollars to put toward cannabis policy reform in Massachusetts. She has traveled across the country attending cannabis events and speaking on behalf of Massachusetts and the national shift in opinion. As a co-host of the Boston Pot Report, previously on UNregular Radio and returning on WEMF Radio, she has interviewed some of the most influential people in the cannabis community including Lester Grinspoon, Diane Fornbacher, and Diane Russell.

She began her career in cannabis through Students for Sensible Drug Policy at Emerson College, assisting in the founding of that chapter. She worked with chapters throughout Boston and New England to help promote student issues with drug use. Cara helped found the NORML Women’s Alliance with representative from three New England states. She was the first in the New England drug policy community to work alongside the gay rights movement; she walked with SSDP in the Boston Pride Parade for two years before the NWANE group donated space to have a table at the Boston Pride Festival at Government Center. She has been recognized by both High Times and SKUNK Magazines.

Through NIC she has developed curriculum, operations policies, and a variety of other seminars and events on campus.