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Where are you located?

10 Tech Circle, Natick MA, 01760

How much do classes cost?

The full tuition with fees (including your course materials) is $2000 if paid in full at the time of enrollment; individually the classes are $249.

If needed, you can make up to four installation payments for the full program of  $600 each for a total cost of $2400. The first payment must be made at time of enrollment, the second before the 4th class, the third before the 7th class and the final before the 10th class. 

Do you have dorms?

We do not offer dormitories or living facilities, but we encourage you to look at or local hotels near Natick, MA.

Will NIC help me find a job?

NIC will hold several job fairs for any and all alumni or students at the school. We hope to be able to fill all the job openings in MA and New England with our graduates. We will also work with alumni who want to continue their education.

Can I see the schedule?

The schedule is rotating, and after you have made a payment, a representative from NIC will call you to set up a schedule that will work for your life and needs. Each class is offered once per week, but in a different time slot every week.

How do I register?

You can fill out the Student Enrollment Agreement and Student Intake Form and send a check for the amount of your courses ($249 individually or all 12 for $2,000) to 10 Tech Circle Natick MA, 01760. Make checks out to NIC. Please also include a photo copy of your state issued ID, and proof that you have graduated high school or your GED with your payment so we may add you in our system. At this time we are unable to take payments online, we can take them over the phone and on campus. We hope to have this corrected very soon. Cash payments can be made in person during normal business hours at our campus in Natick.

Can I visit the school?

Yes, we have Open Houses on a regular basis, or call in advance for a private tour of the facilities. Check out Event Page for our next on campus event!

Can international students enroll?

Absolutely, no additional fees or requirements are needed.